Remember the Maybank commercial which featured an Iban girl going all the way to London to further her studies? Well, here in the Sarawak Bloggers we have a Bidayuh girl furthering her studies in the United States, and she keeps her tales and stories of her life abroad in her blog humble yet neat blog called ‘GlobalizeD DayunG’, in which ‘Dayung’ means girl in Bidayuh.

The tales in the blogs come in various languages and styles, but the choice of topics are original with titles such as “Projek Belacan Bawang Goreng“, “Little Sarawak in Tawau, Sabah“, and “When American Meets Dayung In The Sky” making catchy headlines. The specialty of the blog not only lies in the tales of the blogger, but also they way the blogger relates it to her readers and hence making her readers feel deeply engaged and well informed through the stories told. Despite the few updates monthly, the blog has gained an increasing number of followers and comments in recent months due to the originality of the tales written, and hence making this blog stand out among the rest of the Casual Blogs. With that said, we congratulate the blog writer of “GlobalizeD DayunG” as her blog is our featured Blog of The month!