Malindo Air may be a relatively new airline in Malaysia, but they are aggressive in playing ‘catch-up’ with their nearest rivals, particularly AirAsia.

Almost a year after AirAsia announced their in-flight WiFi services, Malindo Air has finally joined the bandwagon of in-flight internet by offering such services too on their flights! Previously, they did hint they would offering such services, but nothing came through until this week.

Known as Malindo WiFi and Malindo Mobile, Malindo has in fact went a step ahead of their rivals by being the first airline in Malaysia to offer real connectivity on board an airline in which you will enjoy access to the Internet, email, favourite social media sites and video sharing sites.

Malindo also claims that you will be able to make voice calls, send SMS & MMS, surf the Internet, hence making their in-flight service way better than what is offered by their closest rivals in the business.

In terms of charges, one would have to pay US$6.95 (RM25) to US$21.95 (RM81) for an hour – 12 hours worth of usage, with the facility available on the busy Kota Kinabalu, Delhi and Mumbai sectors for now.

Aside from the in-flight internet facility, Malindo also launched their exclusive in-flight magazine, MalindoMAG.