Malaysia’s 1st internet service provider bids goodbye


Malaysia’s first internet provider Jaring Communications Sdn Bhd has been put under the care of a liquidator after a court order last 23rd April (which makes this really old news).

The entity started back in 1986 under the name RangKoM, was later launched as Jaring in 1992.  At one point, Jaring was also a subsidiary of Mimos and subsequently taken over by the Finance Ministry in 2007.


In August last year, Jaring was bought over by Utusan Printcorp for a sum reportedly amounting to more than RM100 million.

While many do not hear it anymore, one of the fondest memories for Malaysian internet users who were born in the 80’s was the sound of the dail tone whenever one needed to connect to the internet.

Source: Malaysian Insider



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