F.V.E. Project is a fairly young Kuala Lumpur-based band comprising of five fresh, young musicians, all of whom were independently experienced well before the band was formed in mid-2011.

Guitarist Dean Sim is the local Miri-Boy-Comes-Home and he will debut at the 2012 Borneo Jazz Festival. He performs with pianist Timothy Toh, Feri Lau on bass, Omar Ibrahim on drum and smooth crooner Jeffny Kamar on saxophone.

F.V.E. Project has since performed at venues and events around Kuala Lumpur, e.g. local art gallery Annexe Gallery, TTDI Jazz Community, Italian-restaurant-cummusicians- hub Nero Fico and also at Ambon Jazz Plus Festival in Indonesia and many more.

Borneo Jazz 2012 is just days away and the celebration is set to kick off with a preview at the grounds of Taylors University in Subang Jaya, Selangor on the 8 & 9 May.

Borneo Jazz 2012 is a not to be missed event to be held on the 11 & 12 May 2012 at the grounds of the Park City Everly Hotel in Miri. The festival is just around the corner so if you have not got your tickets, grab them now.

Tickets are still available online and also at Visitors Information Centre in Miri.

Log on to www.jazzborneo.com for detailed information on the programmes or be a fan of Sarawak Travel @ Facebook for more updates.