The Malaysian Government, through its Civil Service Department has introduced a new job which is highly related to social media.

According to a circular made by the government on July 1st, the new job which comes with the name “Strategic Communications Officer“, will see officers overseeing social media for the Malaysian government.

The circular further elaborated that the new job was created as the government realizes that there is a need to improve the communication between the people and the government, while at the same time being able to decimate accurate news to the people in a timely manner.

The job which comes under the pay scheme named “Strategic Communications Officer Service Scheme” will also oversee the analysis, promotion and planning of issues related to the government’s policy, with officers given pay grades from S41 to S54.

Those eligible to work under this job must be a Malaysian, aged 18 years and above, with a first degree in any related field. They would also be required to attend a course named “Mind Transformation Programme” before being able to work under this scheme.

Entry into this job would most probably be by recruitment over the Malaysian Civil Service Online Portal.

It is about time the government employs full time officers to oversee and utilize social media as a method to inform the public of it’s policies, although we do foresee the task at hand as being quite difficult for those not in favour of the government.

For more details on the scheme and the new job, read the circular here.