Social media users with top names like Niki Choeng and Marina Mahathir showed in force that they wanted the revision of the Evidence Act. Also in chorus are site like,, and

Visits over several blogs, social media accounts and websites revealed that many had chosen to join in after realizing that the new amendments added to the Evidence Act last May was dangerous dues to the fact that it can be manipulated by those irresponsible.

Photos of several sites involved in the Internet blackout. Image captured at Niki Cheong’s blog.

Sarawak Bloggers through their network also participated, with many of their bloggers changing their blog layout to a more darken one, while a pop-up showing upon entry to acknowledge such support for the campaign.

On Twitter, Sarawak Bloggers ran a stream of tweets educating the public on the dangers of the new act and how it can effect all internet users. The re-tweets gained were massive as the official Facebook page about the act gained over 30,000 LIKES in less than a week.