There’s plenty of Malaysia e-wallets merchants these days and the Movement Controol Order (MCO) has heightened the need to use e-wallets (electronic wallets) even more.

While comparing e-wallets may not be something new in Malaysia, I thought, I should have made it simpler for all of you as I use them quite frequently.

That said, here’s a brief review of Malaysian e-wallets available to you.


Comparison between Malaysia e-wallets here is done based on three criteria, namely:

  1. EASE OF USE – How fast the system reacts, and the speed of loading the app.
  2. REWARD SYSTEM – How the e-wallet rewards every usage
  3. MERCHANT COUNT – The number of merchants

Smaller e-wallets like AEON e-wallet, Shoppee e-Wallet, Lazada e-wallet are not considered as they have limited functionality.

The wallets here are listed randomly without mentioning which is the best.  Feel free to suggest which e-wallet is your preferred choice.

Last but not least, the features listed here are based on my own usage. Each e-wallet may have added or dropped features after this post is released.




Boost entered the East Malaysia market by storm and became the Malaysian e-wallet that to beat at some point.  The app loads pretty fast and reloading it is also pretty easy.

They came in strongly by offering cash-back rewards for usage.  However, as the Malaysian e-wallets sector grew, Boost soon reconfigured their reward points and introduced Boost coins which aren’t as attractive as their previous cashback system.  This was largely due to the fact that the coins are given randomly and you can get a lot at one time, or very little during another. Hit above 30,000 coins and you stand to redeem better rewards.  There’s also missions you can join to get more rewards.  Boost’s reward system is simple; you spend more, you get to claim more.

Boost has one of the biggest variety of merchants with them, with transactions going beyond traditional stores.  You can pay bills, reload your phones and even do online shopping with Boost.




Grab introduce GrabPay as their e-wallet.  While I noticed that Grab doesn’t push hard for their e-wallet, users of other services they render, such as GrabCar, GrabFood, GrabMart etc will tend to also use the GrabPay e-wallet because it is more convenient.  This makes the app pretty easy to use.  It also loads very fast and payment can be done within 3 seconds.

The reward system of Grab is applied across the whole Grab ecosystem with every transaction given reward points.  These points can be exchanged for Grab coupons which can be used as a discount of future expenditures with Grab. There’s also extra rewards from selected merchants such as additional discounts for future visits.  Grab’s reward points entices long term usage which has its pros and cons.

Grab’s merchant list is largely traditional. This means you are likely to be able to use GrabPay when you visit a brick and mortar store.  However, thanks to other Grab services like GrabMart, Grab Delivery and GrabFood, you can also buy online although these items are limited to merchants available within their ecosystem.  Regardless, the number of merchants they have are still quite impressive. As for now, I believe GrabPay only allows you to pay bills online.




Touch ‘n’ Go eWallet is popular in West Malaysia because they pay road tolls.  They are considered among the biggest e-wallets in Malaysia due to that.  Their app is easy to use, and I think is among the best to use due to its speed of loading and making payments.

Unlike Boost and GrabPay, Touch ‘n’ Go doesn’t have a reward system.  However, the app does offer countless vouchers and discounts every now and then, making it cheaper to spend when using the app.  It also offers special vouchers when shopping on Lazada.  Touch ‘n’ Go eWallet also offers special rewards on a weekly or monthly basis, so you may get a variety of rewards which include cash back. This is also the only e-wallet listed here that offers money back guarantee.

Touch ‘n’ Go eWallet are similar to GrabPay, but it is my observation that they aren’t exactly ‘present’ in Kuching so far.  The number of merchants that accept Touch ‘n’ Go eWallet is limited in Kuching although the app itself does allows payment of bills, booking of movies and flights, and reload of prepaid accounts.




Sarawak Pay is included here as it’s Sarawak’s first e-wallet.  It is likely the smallest of Malaysian e-wallets because most of its merchants are based in Sarawak, and most users of the e-wallet are Sarawakians or those residing in Sarawak.  The app loading time is unpredictable.  Sometimes its fast, and sometimes its slow. Most of the time, its fast.

Sarawak Pay is however the only Malaysian e-wallet that offers cashback for now.  This means that money is given back after every transaction with Sarawak Pay. However, the amount of the cash back is random.

As mentioned earlier, Sarawak Pay is popular in Sarawak and there’s good reason for that.  The e-wallet is widely accepted within Sarawak, but has not seen major merchants acceptance outside of Sarawak.  However, with the support of the Sarawak government, Sarawak Pay is widely used in Sarawak, and best used to pay for Sarawak based services which include taxes, land premiums, and bills.



  1. Good topic. Is there any outlet or bank atm in Kuching which allows topping up of touch n go card? (not tng e wallet) Thanks

    • You can reload your Touch And Go card at any ATMS with CIMB Bank, Maybank, Am Bank Bank Muamalat, and RHB Bank. Hope the tip helps.

  2. Took your tip and tried the ATMs and CDMs at all of them, cimb, maybank, rhb Islamic (2 branches) and ambank, one after another at jalan satok (phew!) but NONE offered tng top up! 🙁 Anyone knows which branches do? I have used the finder feature in maybank website, but it said no result found 🙁

    • Im sorry but I dont think i can help. My search online says its available on ATMS and CDMs nationwide so if its not, then I really can’t help anymore. Very sorry.


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