‘Mafia style killing’ spreads to Miri with murder of business man


A local daily reported that 48-year-old businessman with interests in pubs and other ventures was shot at point-blank range at a traffic light junction in Jalan Bendahara at about 6pm yesterday.

Photo of the victim. Obtained from Borneo Post.

Eye witnesses said his white-coloured Toyota Prado moved for about 70 metres at the junction before it came to a halt opposite two banks with the victim slumped towards the passenger seat in a pool of blood. It is however not confirmed if the victim was shot at the junction.

Two small holes, believed to be bullet holes, were visible on his right temple and neck. It is understood that he died at the scene.

The victim was wearing blue jeans and a shot sleeved T-shirt and was driving alone when the assailant/s attacked.

The case had been classified as murder under Section 302 of the Penal Code.

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