Looks like the Mi 5 is coming to Malaysia very soon!


If you are planning to buy a smartphone, you might want to hold back for a while, perhaps for a few more weeks or months, because SIRIM, the entrusted body by the Malaysian Government to be the national organisation for standards and quality, has given the green light to Xiaomi to bring in one of their smartphone’s with NFC.

If I are right, only the Xiaomi Mi 5 has NFC in the current Xiaomi smartphone line-up, and that makes it highly possible that the flagship phone is heading to Malaysia!

This is indeed exciting news for many Xiaomi fans especially after Xiaomi did not bring in the Mi 4 to Malaysia due to 4G incompatibilities.

The Mi 5 is a dual-SIM smartphone which offers top of the line specifications. It has a 5.15 inches IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, a 16MP rear camera and a fingerprint sensor. Other specifications differ according to which variant you may want, but the lowest variant comes with a dual-core dual-core 1.6 GHz Kryo processor and 32GB of hard disk space.

In China, the Mi 5 is sold starting at CNY1999 (RM 1268), and had 14 million registered bookings on its first sale date.


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