Local Sarawakian blogger Cyril Dason, slammed a local portal today by saying that a report by the portal which quoted his tweet was” ‘shallow minded’ and ‘desperate’”

He further added that the portal “only serves to prove the point that they are willing to sacrifice their dignity to help certain political parties gain votes in the most unprofessional way.” as he claimed that the portal made it look like he was opposing the Merdeka celebration organized by the government.

Cyril further explained in his blog post that the statistics he tweeted were not accurate as the site he used had a analysis limitation of 1,500 tweets only, adding that the assumptions made by the portal was damaging to not only him, but those close to him.

Earlier this morning, a local portal ran a story on how netizens question the 3.6million tweets announced by Information, Communications and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim, with some claims stating that it was bots at work.