Limited Xiaomi online flash sales nothing more than a scam?


It has been over four times to date in which Xiaomi, through its Malaysian branch, Xiaomi Malaysia has created havoc online with its limited release of peripherals and smartphone.

All the four sales saw the Xiaomi Mi 3 go off the shelves in less than 20 minutes, with the latest record seen today, at 1 minute and 55 seconds. That’s a new record for Xiaomi Malaysia!

I have been trying to get my hands on the power bank, and today the Mi 3, since they introduced it, but the same thing has happened over and over again, which is, I manage to log in, but fail to even grab any of the items because it is ‘sold out, so they claim.

For some reason, Xiaomi has decided that 12 noon is the best time to sell their products and those wanting the limited number of products were already logged in at 1130am to prepare for the mad rush.

The wait turns to hope when at 12:00, the site shows you can buy the smartphone.
Xiaomi Malaysia online store, Mi 3
Then, comes the ever popular Xiaomi icons, telling you that you are in line, hence putting more hope that you will soon be a proud owner of a Xiaomi product.
Xiaomi Malaysia online store, waiting, Mi 3
Until you get the message below.
Xiaomi Malaysia online store, waiting, stuck page, Mi 3
And like many of you, you try again with hope. Because there is still no sign that the items you want has already been ‘out of stock’.
Xiaomi Malaysia online store, waiting, stuck page, Mi 3, sold out
Until a message pops up, telling you that Xiaomi “is sorry that the item has been sold out”, and you failed to even add the items to your cart. To add salt, you realized it was sold out within two minutes!

Feeling cheated? You are not alone because so many of us feel the same way.

In fact, some have already questioned how many units Xiaomi actually does put up for sale because it is near to impossible to have 8,000 smartphones, and over 8,000 power banks, all gone in less than a minute! Those claiming to experts in networking and computers have also come out to ask what server is Xiaomi using because they feel the sales online went ‘too fast’.
Sold out, Xiaomi mi 3, comments
Others questioned if those making purchases were genuine with some daring Xiaomi to put up the list of people able to buy their items during the ‘flash sale’..

Unfortunately, only Xiaomi can answer these questions, and we doubt they would release any substantial figures and facts in the near future to back their ‘sold out’ claims.

But from a marketing perspective, Xiaomi can boast of being champions in the smartphone industry for now. Their ‘limited offers’ spikes the demand for their products and they are enjoying brisk business, with many itching to be part of the craze.  This is something not even the Appla iPhone has managed to replicate as far as I know in Malaysia.

On top of that, the desperate consumers will not think twice before making their purchase because they ‘panic’ of the limited number of devices on sale, and stocks may not be as many.

Such anxiety is bound to make them hastily decide on their purchases, and hence why many are still rushing to get the smartphone despite the fact that warranty claims and physical service centres remain a huge issue here in Malaysia.

Regardless, Xiaomi’s unbeatable prices will continue to draw the masses although I feel that it is only a matter of time before the rush slows down.

So, is the Xiaomi sales online a scam? Well, if you didn’t loose any money, you can’t call it one.  However, whether Xiaomi Malaysia is genuinely offering the numbers they said for sale, only Xiaomi knows.  Else, you could spend a little more buy buying it from either DiGi or Maxis as compared here.