La Zikabilo will heat the stage with the dance beat as they make debut appearance at the 15th edition of RWMF. This energetic brass band from France that mixes gypsy music with French chanson, rock & roll rhythms, jazz complexities and reggae handles many musical styles with ease and infectious joy.

They combine the traditional instruments of a fanfare, such as trumpets, saxophone and percussions with more unusual instruments like the accordion and vocals.

La Zikabilo has produced an original show combining acoustic music and vocals of Cuban singer Barbaro Teuntor Garcia known for his participations in many famous cuban bands like The Buena Vista Social Club and Sierra Maestra.

So if you like to move, dance, sing, live it up and have fun, then LA ZIKABILO is definitively for you. Huge energy. Dance inducing. How can you resist? In fact, you absolutely need them!.

Catch them on stage on Friday, 13 July at the annual Rainforest World Music, Festival which has again been voted for the third consecutive year as one of the top 25 international festivals by Songlines and which is to be held from the 13 to 15 July 2012.