The Kyanime society is organizing two challenges namely the Photo challenge and the video challenge as part of their up-coming Kyanime Convention which will be happening soon.

The following are the details on both challenges as sent to us for publication as their official online media. Check it out!

For these photo challenges, you need to take a picture of the given items. Try to include yourself in as many of the photos as possible. Just submitting the photo does not mean you will get full points for the item. It will be judged based on how accurate it is to what we are asking for and how much effort you have put in! Creativity and originality will get you extra points. The more your photos make us laugh, the more bonus points you will get! If you don’t understand what the item is, look it up on the Internet. (Hint: wearing the Kyanime t-shirt in the photos and videos will get you extra points too!)

  1. Any team member sitting on a toilet bowl while reading 20 May 2012 issue of the Sarawak Tribune/Utusan Sarawak.
  2. Any member of the team with the April issue of Gempak.
  3. Any member of the team with last year’s issue of Breeze magazine with Kyanime featured in it, with the magazine opened up to the page with the article on Kyanime Convention 2011.
  4. Any member of the team holding 7 days’ worth of The Sarawak Tribune.
  5. Any member doing the peace sign in front of a PC with Sarawak Blogger’s article on Kyanime on the screen.
  6. A picture of a computer screen showing a blog entry on Kyanime.
  7. Any member of the team drinking午後の紅茶.
  8. Any member with any Japanese teacher at Sarawak Japan Friendship Association.
  9. Your team enjoying some local delicacies with some Japanese people. The Japanese need to show their Japanese ID in the photo.
  10. People wearing yukata and playing volleyball on the beach.
  11. Someone in a yukata at Sarawak Cultural Village.
  12. Write the word “KYANIME” on the beach sand, with the sea in the background.
  13. Any member playing kingyo sukui at our booth at Civic Centre last year.
  14. Three generations each holding a Kyanime Convention 2012 flyer.
  15. Any team member at Kyanime Audition 2012.
  16. Any team member at Kyanime Audition 2011.
  17. Any team member participating in any competition at Kyanime Convention 2010.
  18. Any team member participating in any competition at Kyanime Convention 2011.
  19. Someone in a panda suit eating sushi at Sushi King.
  20. Both team members with a stack of 20 empty plates at Sushi King.
  21. Someone planking at the main entrance of The Hills Shopping Mall.
  22. Any team member next to a Fuji Xerox photocopy machine, holding up a photocopy of his/her face next to his/her face.
  23. Someone photocopying the Kyanime 2012 flyer on a Fuji Xerox photocopy machine. Your picture must show a photocopy of the flyer.
  24. Someone having a candlelight dinner with a panda soft toy.
  25. Make a Nekotaro cake/pudding/cupcake/biscuits.


  1. A video of a superhero helping someone cross the road. (Bonus points if it’s a DC or Marvel superhero.
  2. A video of a real life Ash Ketchum catching Pikachu.
  3. A group of at least 3 people in Kyanime shirts singing FFVII’s One Winged Angel in acapella. Bonus points if it sounds professional.
  4. A video of at least four people singing the Doraemon theme song in Sushi King.
  5. A 20 second video of your team telling us why you love Kyanime.


  • Your participation in this scavenger hunt is at your own risk and by participating you relieve Kyanime Society and its affiliates of all liabilities.
  • Usage of photos or videos from the Internet is strictly prohibited.
  • All images and videos must be original and owned by the submitter.