We received not one, but two emails regarding the issue of people taking illegal payment fees for parking at the stadium, and decided to check it out during the last home match for Sarawak.

Our checks revealed that there are not less than 2-3 groups of illegal parking operators soliciting payment from motorcycle users coming to the stadium. These groups seem to be vigorous in inviting motorcyclist to park at their so called ‘designated area’ as they tried to invite football fans to park their motorcycles at their spot. Exchange of money was seen, and both emails we received mentioned that it was RM2 per parking.

Upon our observation, we also noticed that there was a middle aged man organizing parking for cars at the Gate B compound, although we didn’t find any evidence of money exhange.

According to one of the email, he had to pay the parking fee as he feared the safety of his motorcycle shall he decline their request. Interestingly, both emails didn’t give us a photo as they are worried they would be harmed.

We hope those concerned particularly the police force and stadium authorities can look into this matter and take immediate actions for up-coming home matches. These illegal parking operators do seem to scare the fans away, and that is not something the Crocs can afford when they are just starting to get back their support.