#KitaSama blood donation drive a success in Kuching


In conjunction with Malaysia’s 57th Merdeka Day, Astro has launched a nationwide blood donation drive to reinforce the message of ‘Unity Runs in Our Blood’.

The #kitasama blood donation drive will be headed to its final stop at Plaza Merdeka, Kuching this 16 September starting 10am – 7pm and the public is invited to donate their blood for those in need. Both #kitasama blood donation drive and Negaraku campaigns will be taking place from 15 August 2014 till 16 September 2014.

A key event for this Negaraku campaign is the #kitasama blood donation drive which emphasis that Malaysians are bonded to each other regardless of our multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multi-ethnic composition.

Astro talent and personalities such as Afick also took time off their busy schedules to participate in the first #kitasama blood donation drive that took place at the Astro headquarters in Bukit Jalil on 12 August 2014.

Besides Kuching, the blood donation drive was also held in 6 other states including East Malaysia to encourage all Malaysians to donate their blood to the National Blood Bank Malaysia.

Viewers can log on to www.astro.com.my/Negaraku for the Negaraku content schedule starting as well as information on the #kitasama blood donation drive locations.