Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin has taken to twitter over the chaos which surrounded the Barcelona tour in Malaysia recently.

The tweets are believed to have come after the media reported numerous incidents which could damage Malaysia’s reputation worldwide.

Leading his tweets on the Barcelona tour was the shift in venue, in which he said both “FAM and Barca were poorly advised on the ground selection”.

The new Sports Minister also commented that the event organizers “messed up ground ops throughout”, as he added that “Local media & fans treated like pariahs by Barcelona.”

Khairy however added further that one should not misunderstand his tweets as clubs are still welcomed in the country, but further warned that these clubs “don’t take us for a ride with bad organisation & attitude”.

Among other complaints which emerged during the Barcelona tour to Malaysia were poor handling of local media, player access for local media, and VIP seating for VIP ticket holders.