It’s June, so lets make this month a little special since its also Gawai Dayak, the most celebrated event in the whole of Sarawak. This month, we are not going to feature one, but TWObloggers for our Bloggers of The Month, and since its Gawai… we figured, hey.. lets make it more Gawai like by featuring two special blogs which are written by Dayak bloggers. So, without further of due, here they are, and like we always say… Ladies first:

The Beauty in Ugly by Dee Loner
We are unsure why she named her blog as ‘The Beauty in Ugly’, but what she writes impresses us a lot! If you guys/gals have noticed, some bloggers tend to try ‘too hard’ to make a blog post which sells or would attract readers. Others, try to copy famous bloggers and hope they gain some fame, while some believe that blogging can only stay alive with them attending events. Well, truth to be told, the best blogs to read are those honest and ‘abrupt’ blogs, and that is what Dee Loner presents in her blog. Her post are simple, easy to read, and a clear reflection of what happens in her life, and if you check her blog titles, you’d notice that they are unique. Care to bet on this? Anyone? Well, with that said, we feel that Dee Loner is a rising star among the Sarawak Bloggers, and since she’s getting married really soon, and also the fact that she can’t help brag about her proposal (which everyone says is ‘the proposal’), we’d like to congratulate her on her coming wedding. Dee Loner, keep up the fantastic work!

The Reptozian Online by Willie
Although labeled as a photo blog due to his passion for photography, Willie’s blog seems to be collecting a good mixture of personal opinions on issues in life. While he stays away from politics and sensitive issues, Willie does strike a cord or two with his thoughts as it revolves a lot on human habits which we tend to overlook. His thoughts are in-depth, and are in simple English, making it easy for him to convey his message to his readers. While he is very much in love into his day job, Willie has made it clear that photography is is favorite past time as he puts in beautiful photos of his work in his blog from time to time. It’s also worth to note that Willie has a very good following, and is one of the most commented blogs around. Congrats Willie for being featured as June Blogger of The Month.

Well, for both of you, check out your emails soon, because we have something for you to show off to your fellow readers :-) It may not be much, but we its something to be proud off. Congrats again to Dee Loner and Willie for being June Blogger of the Month!!