The Road Transport Department (JPJ) has introduced a new system for the transfer of vehicle ownership in Malaysia.

According to The Star, the new system requires both sellers and the new owners involved in the transfer of ownership of their vehicles to go through a biometric verification process within seven days with JPJ.

This means that both parties need to be present at the counter of the JPJ office to provide their biometric data in order to proceed with the ownership transfer.

For those not able to come together at the same station, or are unable to come at the same time, they can also do the transfer by verifying their biometric data at different locations as long as it is done within seven days.

According to JPJ, the main objective of the biometric verification is to overcome issues relating to forgery of identification documents which is said to be high among those transferring ownership of vehicles without the consent or knowledge of the registered owners.

The new rule also applies to vehicles owned by companies and covers the transfer of ownership between individuals and companies.

Those who wish to perform an online vehicle ownership transfer via the JPJ website should verify their biometric data once when applying for a mySikap user ID at any JPJ counter.

Users can then use the online service for various JPJ transactions at any time, including the transfer of vehicle ownership.

The biometric system was first introduced in April 1, but on a voluntary basis.