The official Facebook page of The Public Works Department (JKR) Sarawak revealed that a senior employee of their department Pui Tze On has fallen victim to a pickpocket while in a toilet located at a ground floor of a shopping complex during lunch time yesterday.

The 50-something employee said he was washing his face in the toilet when he was unknowingly picked as he was quoted as saying “I sensed someone knocked back while washing my face at that time,”.

Pui said he only realized his wallet was missing when he touched the back of his pocket. His wallet contained an ID card, credit cards and cash amounting RM1,000.

Realizing that the there was a primary school boy in the toilet during the incident, Pui decided to check the CCTV of the shopping complex and later identify the said school boy as shown in the photo above.

He is therefore appealing to anyone who might see or come across the school boy to contact him at 0168831500. A police report has been lodged.