Borneo Heritage Foundation (BHF) president Datuk Dr Jeffrey G Kitingan has commended the Sarawak government for being ‘brave’ in celebrating the Independence Day of Sarawak, which is July 22, 1963, reports The Borneo Post.

Kitingan also said that such celebration was ‘better late than never’, and that it showed the government recognized the fact that Sarawak is a nation within the Federation of Malaysia.

He added the state government showed it still had the ‘Sarawak Mind’, and was not letting itself to be taken over by the ‘Malayan Mind’, which he referred to as an Umno-driven agenda to control Sarawak and Sabah politically so that they could control its resources.

The influential political figure from Sabah also hoped that the Sarawak government would celebrated the event every year, so that the people know the significance of it.

Kitingan also expressed his wish that Sarawak would not repeat the mistake of Sabah by allowing Peninsula-based parties to take root and take over the government.

Photo by Sarawak Tourism Board