Japan now has the world’s tallest tower


The world’s tallest tower, the Tokyo Skytree, opened to the public on Tuesday with tens of thousands of visitors flocking to the Japanese capital’s newest attraction.

Despite rainy weather, residents and tourists gathered around the 634-metre (2,080-foot) tower and its adjacent shopping and amusement complex which also opened on Tuesday.

Amid safety concerns, the tower’s operator said Tokyo Skytree was equipped with state-of-art technology to counter the earth tremors that regularly shake Japan, one of the world’s most seismically active nations.

The Tokyo Skytree is the world’s second-tallest manmade structure, topped only by the 828-metre Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

It stands taller than the 600-metre Canton Tower in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou and the 553-metre CN Tower in the Canadian city of Toronto.

In Japan’s capital the Tokyo Skytree overshadows landmarks in the upscale western district including the 333-metre Tokyo Tower, which was built in 1958 and became a byword for the country’s rapid post-war growth.

Photo by arabianbusiness.com