It’s easy to spot a talent when you see one, and that can be immediately seen when you check out Pek Chek Kia.

The blog looks simple, feels simple, and is very direct in making statements, but what amazed us is the custom cartoons/characters inside.  Under the cartoons are daily rants of the author, hence making this blog unique in our Sarawak Bloggers list. Yes people, the blog Pek Chek Kia is all about ranting about your daily life in custom made illustrations.

Not sure how it’s done (photoshop, paint, fireworks etc), but the images are clear enough, justifying the message which is written in English.  For those reading Chinese, you get extra words to read because there is a balance portion of articles or words in Chinese.  The blog also has little adverts, it reflects the genuine passion and interest of the blogger which is hard to find among bloggers nowadays.

With that said, we are pleased to congratulate the owner of the blog Pek Chek Kia for being Sarawak Bloggers featured blog of the January. Read more in Pek Chek Kia by visiting this link: