LUNDU – The incomplete Biawak Road (Jalan Biawak) in Lundu is due to bounced checks, resulting in sub-contractors abandoning the project with immediate effect.

The Borneo Post reported that five sub-contractors complained that a Peninsular based company did issue them payment, but it bounced when they tried to cash out the money.

It was also reported that the salaries of the general workers for these sub-contractors were also not paid, and a report has been made to the relevant authorities.

Jalan Biawak connects some 13,000 Sarawakians, mostly from the Bidayuh Selako tribe, to the main Bau-Lundu trunk road. Construction begun halfway, and has since stopped leaving residents fuming over the horrific road.

Read more about this issue at the Borneo Post Online.  Photo of Jalan Biawak (right) from Alvana Dylan.