The showdown is today, and only two players matter. For Malaysians, it’s pride, but for the rest of the world, it would be the feeling of wanting a humble, talented and admirable player in Lee Chong Wei to beat the current number one, Lin Dan of China.

They duo have met countless times, with results favouring the Chinese national. However, Lin Dan’s arrogance on the court has made him sort of like the ‘the villain’ in badminton, particularly when he was to overcome a very timid yet humble Chong Wei. Nonetheless, on a positive note, Lin Dan and Chong Wei has fostered that mutual respect, and it has been seen that over the years, a ‘less arrogant’ and more friendly Lin Dan is displayed in the court.

The goal today is simple. To win Malaysia’s first ever gold. The reward is hefty for Chong Wei shall he manage to do so. He will be taken care off until he goes old with numerous incentives and rewards, and he would be an instant millionaire (not that he isn’t already).

But, beyond that, Chong Wei stands to unite our politically divided nation. When everyone is figuring out who is the better between Barisan National and Pakatan Rakyat, Datuk Lee Chong Wei has emerged to bring everyone together to sing the chorus of Malaysia Boleh!, and so the reward Chong Wei brings is really justified.

As I also understand, several businesses in Malaysia such as Baskin Robbins will be offering free ice cream should Chong Wei win tonight, and non-Malaysians whom observe badminton from as far as the United State are hoping for Chong Wei to deliver.

Indeed Olympics is not about winning, but also about having to struggle to achieve something, and it would fit so nicely if Chong Wei was to win gold tonight because he had worked so hard, and almost didn’t make the Olympics due to an injury.

Until tonight’s showdown at 8PM local Malaysian time, Sarawak Bloggers will be trending #DLCW on twitter, and I hope you join in to show support for Chong Wei by using the hashtag because #DLCW goes beyond ‘Datuk Lee Chong Wei’, but also ‘Don’t Let China Win’.

Malaysia Boleh!!

Wrote by Cyril Dason (
Founder and coordinator of Sarawak Bloggers