Local daily The Star reports that a large group of information technology retailers in the country is claiming that IT products, namely laptops, desktop computers and peripherals, are too cheap now.

They said the pricing margins were very thin and their businesses won’t be able to survive unless the prices of the products were raised by between 12% and 15%.

The group claimed that the frequent number of IT trade fairs, price protection/rebate claims, stock commitments set by the product manufacturers, lack of representation by the National ICT Association (Pikom), and the Government’s policy of handing out laptops to students were also taking a huge toll on their businesses.

According to the news report, the group wants to form its own association of IT retailers to fight for its demands and safeguard its interests. Among the issues which will be on the table are the decreasing the number of IT fairs and collaborating with product manufacturers for better deals.

The report also said that one of the IT retailers was hoping that the new association force retailers under its banner to implement fixed pricing for IT products.