Instagram tracking app is stealing data from users


If you have a third party instagram app known as InstAgent on your smartphone, uninstall it right away because it has been detected to be stealing your username and password! InstAgent allows you to track users that follow or unfollow you, but it seems that it does more than that.

The app was found to do so by Peppersoft developer David L-R who took a close look at the app and revealed on Twitter that it’s been sending log-in credentials (unencrypted and in cleartext, to boot) to remote server

The revelation is alarming since InstaAgent was previously listed on both iTunes and Google Play before Google and Apple decided to pull the app off its shelves.

Aside from stealing your precious password and email, InstaAgent also makes post on your behalf.

Apart from InstaAgent, is understood that there is a growing number of apps out there which also act similarly, so do be vigilant when downloading an app.


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