In line with its cutting-edge Engagement Platform, Innity, South East Asia’s premier advertising ad network and online marketing solutions provider announced the launch of EnRoll – the video network that’s excitingly paired with a dynamic range of fully engaging video ad units to guarantee increased brand impact as well as user engagement.

According to eMarketer, by 2014, video is set to be the third largest online ad format. The reason for this is that with video ads, marketers are able to generate the same emotional response from their audience as a TV ad is able to. Video ads are also measurable and allow for the implementation of targeting techniques as opposed to TV ads. With the launch of EnRoll, Innity is perfectly positioned to take on the opportunities offered by this exciting medium.

The innovative mid-stream ad units – Strip, VidStrip, Side-Step, and Appeel are highly engaging units that initially appear as an overlay at the bottom or in a corner of the video browser five seconds after the video plays, inviting the audience to interact with the ad. Upon rollover/click, the ad expands within the video browser for an immersive Rich Media experience for the user. Advertisers can populate the ad with interactive product info and tips, videos, store locator, as well as social sharing features, ensuring a comprehensive brand engagement experience for the users.

Innity has also been offering Pre-Roll ad units to its advertisers since last year and the company is currently working on adding more groundbreaking features to the unit to focus on deeper user engagements.

Fabian Looa, COO of Innity, said Enroll video ads not only has the ability to bring the emotive power of television online, it can also take advantage of the powerful interactive elements of social media and online advertising, bringing together the complete Eco-system of brand marketing into one video ad unit. He continued, “Moreover, targeting technologies like Geographical, Behavioral, and Re-targeting give brands the ability to present highly relevant ads to the individual. This results in extremely engaging ads.”

Innity will also be demonstrating the full range of revolutionary EnRoll video ad formats at the upcoming ad:tech Singapore in June.