Malaysia has receive the first batch of Indonesian maids which arrived three days ago. The move is historic as Indonesia froze the entry of their maids to Malaysia in June 2009 due to an increase number of abuses of their citizens.

The ban was however lifted on Dec 1 last year with more regulations imposed on employees of the maids.

Among the regulations imposed are:

  1. The employer is now obliged to open a special account for Indonesian maids to remit their salary, which would be monitored to ensure no manipulation
  2. Mids were confined to household tasks and it was their discretion whether to accept the additional responsibility of looking after a child or senior citizen.
  3. The employers are not allowed to force, or lodge a complaint if their maids are not efficient in looking after a toddler because it is not the latter’s expertise.
  4. Maids would get a day off in a week, and this did not necessarily be during the weekend.
  5. If the employer requests the maid to work on her off day, the former must pay her RM27 for the day’s work, which is not included in her RM700 monthly salary.

Photo of an Indonesian maid by REUTERS.