The Sarawak Immigration Department has made a statement in a local daily that anyone who spot or sees Malay extremist group PERKASA leader Ibrahim Ali should report his sighting to the police immediately.

For us, this basically means that Ibrahim Ali, if in Sarawak, would need to hide just like a fugitive.

According to the director of Sarawak Immigration Datu Robert Lian, those keeping the information of Ibrahim Ali’s sighting or whereabouts in Sarawak was against Sarawak and can be charged according to Sarawak’s law.

Ibrahim Ali made headlines last March following claims by certain quarters that he was in the Sarawak, and managed to slip past the immigration check points.

The 62-year-old Ibrahim Ali has been banned from entering Sarawak under its strict immigration laws as the Chief Minister of Sarawak Adenan Satem has deemed him as a threat to the society. This was due to his racist stand on several issues in regards to race and religion.

The move by Adenan Satem is widely supported by Sarawakians.