These days, there is a need to save emails as PDF in bulk.

Everyone is using Google’s Gmail these days.  It’s one of those emails that is functional and very much realiable.

Google has also been very generous to provide 15GB worth of storage space for its customers or Gmail users.

This massive space is usually enough until you hit the storage limit, in which you will need to either start clearing out the email to relieve your Gmail of space, or upgrade your storage plan.


The problem with clearing emails is that some are important, and it is quite usual that these emails are usually the ones that take up space.

If you don’t clear the emails, you need to spend money monthly to increase your space.

This is a temporary solution and we all know that it’s not the best solution.  It wont be long before the 100GB storage limit is hit, before another upgrade is needed.

That said, the best way would free space in Gmail is to download these important emails in a smaller format, and later download them to be stored in an external hardisk.  It is also important to download the attachments is attachments of an email are also as important as the email email.

That said, in my opinion, the email should be downloaded as a PDF as pdf files are more lasting and cant be edited. This is where “CloudHQ Save Emails to PDF” comes in handy.


CloudHQ’s Save Emails to PDF allows you to download multiple emails into PDF files, making it easier to free space in Gmail.

The process is so much more convenient if compared to downloading each email individually.

To do so, you will need to have the CloudHQ Save Emails to PDF extension added to your Google Chrome browser.

After it is installed, sign in to the extension and give it the required permission to access your email.

After that, the next step to save emails as PDF in bulk is to select the emails you require to convert, and click on the icon ‘SAVE EMAIL’ as seen below.

save emails as PDF in bulk

Next, choose “Save selected conversations to PDF” as seen below.

A prompt will appear asking how you want the PDF to be saved.  There’s two options as you can see below.

The selection “Save each conversation into a seperate PDF” means every email will have its own PDF file, while “Merge all conversations into one PDF ” means that all emails would be converted into one long PDF file.

I prefer the former as it allows me to look for the email easily.

Once the selection is done, click “Start conversion” and wait.  The process will not take too long and once it is done, the prompt will ask for a place to save the converted emails.

After you have chosen the folder to save your emails, the emails have been backed-up/saved as a PDF.

The emails selected before can now be deleted to reduce space in your Gmail storage.


To be honest, CloudHQ Save Emails to PDF extension is a blessing for me because it has enabled me to save money on my storage space, while at the same time keeping my important emails.

If you are planning to ease up your storage space, give CloudHQ Save Emails to PDF a try.

All the best, and I hope the guide helps!


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