Stolen or lost mobile phones are very unlikely to be recovered, but that would soon be a myth if one signs up for a service known the Public Cellular Blocking Service (PCBS) which is introduced by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) and the Malaysian Government.

PCBS is provided for free, and allows one to register up to 10 mobile devices, in which vital information such as the IMEI number, would be collected to enable your phone to be recognized and detected shall it be found.

Among the info you are required to give.
Among the info you are required to give.

The information would be synced with PCBS Lost and Found System which connects authorities (e.g. Polis Di-Raja Malaysia) and also other trusted third parties (e.g. Lost and Found Departments of public transportation organisations, shopping malls, public facilities like airports, train stations etc.), hence increasing the possibility of users to be reunited with their missing devices.

Aside from that, the information of a lost device to PCBS would cause all telcos to be alerted and they in turn will act by blacklisting the stolen/lost IMEI numbers owned by the mobile device reported as stolen. This will cause the mobile device to be useless as telcos will not allow usage of their network over the blocked IMEI number, hence causing the phone to devalued, and close to useless.

Once the mobile device is found, the owners can request for it to be re-activated by just logging into their accounts.
Block My Phone
According to MCMC, PCBS is hoped to decrease crime related to mobile devices, and registration for PCBS is currently voluntary. PCBS also works to simplify blocking and re-activating smartphones, which can be quite a hassle before this.

The service was launched in January 2014, but it has not been popular among mobile device users due to the lack of publicity.

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  1. this awsome! i have lost 3 phones already with it being hopeless to be found. i will try to implement this with my newer devices. Thanks a lot

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