Hisense Malaysia is proud to announce the launch of their brand-new TV series equipped with Hisense’s state-of-the-art ULED technology, Hisense ULED TV U7H.

According to a statement, Hisense Malaysia announced that the series offers two different sizes, 55-inch and 65-inch.

Highlights of Hisense ULED TV U7H

The ULED TV U7H series produces exquisite visuals as it adopts Quantum Dot technology that produces precise, pure and vivid colours as it incorporates nanoparticles into the TV panel which elevates the LED panels to the highest level.

The visual colour is not compromised when hit by light but instead becomes luminescent and emits an accurate colour.

Hisense ULED TV U7H series integrates Full Array Local Dimming to prevent obtrusion of different display zones as the feature analyses the video visuals and the LEDs accurately dims spots that require dimming that ensures light control and precise contrast for an elevated viewing experience.

The ULED TV U7H series adopts 120Hz Ultra Motion which includes MEMC technology with 3D Noise Reduction Technology for better viewing.

This feature minimises input lag and heightens visual stability which produces outstanding clear motion even at swift moving scenes perfect for capturing action scenes and sports content.

On top of that, the ULED TV U7H series features HDR10+ that adjusts the visuals according to the lighting conditions of the surrounding area.

The TV also comes with Dolby Atmos which brings sound quality to unparalleled lengths of clarity and depth.

The series also features the Game Mode Pro with auto low-latency mode (ALLM) and continual VRR and HDMI 2.1 which minimizes input lag, jitters and reduces tearing to increase chances of winning while staying ahead of the game.

When connected to a gaming device, the Hisense ULED TV U7H series will automatically switch to game mode for maximum gaming capacity and minimal intrusion while in-game.

Aside from that, the TV also comes packed with a sleek Voice Remote with a microphone and Bluetooth button that connects to the TV which enables a quick and easy way to search for content using voice recognition. With the one-touch voice control remote, content can be searched almost immediately and conveniently.

Buy the Hisense ULED TV U7H

This series offers two different sizes for purchase, 55-inch and 65-inch.  The former is priced at RM3,999 and the later comes at RM4,999 respectively.

You can buy the ULED TV U7H and enjoy promotional prices for the tv at the official Hisense Malaysia stores below.


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