Hisense Malaysia has announced that they will be launching their highly efficient Front Load Washer and Dryer as well as their big capacity Super Freezer by the end of February 2022.

Previously, the Hisense Malaysia also had hinted they will be bringing in four premium fridges in February 2022.

The Front Load Washer & Dryer is made convenient with a large capacity which can fit a load of 10kg for washing and 6kg for drying.

It is equipped with features for thorough washing such as allergy steam that is proven to remove 99.9% of bacteria from clothes.

The Super Freezer is able to drop to freezing levels of up to -30 degrees Celsius which helps maintains the freshness of food as if just bought.

The capacity of the freezer is larger than regular ones to enable users to store more food

More information on the launch of these the Hisense Front Load Washer and dryer, super freezer, as well as four premium Hisense refrigerators in Malaysia will be made available soon.

If you want to learn about other Hisense products, visit the official Hisense Malaysia online store.


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