Hisense Malaysia today launched their chest freezer collection with a range of seven models from 128L to 780L capacity.

The advanced technology used in these freezers enables it to keep the temperature in the freezers at below zero degrees for up to 200 hours with the power off.

These seven nifty chest freezers are now available for online and offline purchases at Hisense dealer stores across Malaysia.

Features of the Hisense chest freezer collection

These chest freezers feature an 8 in 1 function which works as a temperature control for various types of food, so users can set the temperature and ensure the right condition for their food with just a turn of a knob.

Equipped with a D-type cooling pipe, the chest freezers are able to ensure all rounded; 360 degrees cooling for all foods being stored receiving an equal distribution of cooling.

Apart from that, the freezers feature a super freeze mode where the temperature drops to -30 degrees which keeps the food stored within the freezer fresh and ensures the nutrients be kept as it was when bought.

All seven freezers come with a hovering door to enable the door being left open between 30 and 60 degrees, so when opened users are hands-free, not needing to hold the door to keep it from closing.

This provides convenience for when users require to rustle through the freezer to find what they are looking for.

Not forgetting, the freezers have bright LED lighting to help see the contents of the freezer even when the surrounding is dark.

The design of the chest freezers with ultrathin hinges, keeps the kitchen spacious as it can be placed up against the wall.

The boundless door design unlike the usual bulkier freezer doors makes it a perfect fit into a modern and minimalist home design.

The freezers also feature an improved compressor that keeps the temperature well balanced and evenly spread within the freezer.

Equipped with Hisense’s technology, the range of freezers are energy rated 3 stars and above can withstand a longer life span and has better energy efficiency performance.

Price and availability

The freezers start at RM899 up to RM3,699, with the size of the freezer determining the pricing.

It is available through Hisense Malaysia authorized dealers as well as via Hisense Official Online stores on Shopee.




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