The Hilton Kuching’s Jelajah Selera marks the return of many good things after a two year hiatus.

Events and happening around town had been paused due to pandemic and due to the same reason, a lot of things had changed as well.

This includes the way we work, the way we communicate among team members and the whole life in general we would say.

Thankfully, the return of Ramadan buffets, particularly from Hilton Kuching, is a good start to show that  things are starting to go come back to how it used to be.

While there are slight protocols we need to follow but I am are glad to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The Hilton Ramadan Buffet is named Hilton Kuching’s Jelajah Selera, and I was pleased I was able to get and invitation to the preview.

For this coming Ramadan, Hilton Kuching has line up an extensive celebratory menu for their Ramadan buffet at its brand new all day dining outlet, Makan Kitchen.

Malaysian are well known for our united diversity, which leads us to have plenty of great food from different heritage.

Food at Hilton Kuching’s Jelajah Selera

This is reflected through Jelajah Selera Bersama Hilton as it offers over 100 selection of dishes to choose from, definitely spoiling the choices  of anyone who attends the buffet.

According to Eugene Oelofse, Hilton’s Marketing and Communications Director, “the pandemic has taught us to truly cherish quality time with loved ones.”.

He further noted that Hilton Kuching recognizes the importnce of Ramadn and family and therefore invites guest to celebrate Ramadan with Hilton Kuching through their Ramadan buffet.

“As family and friends are finally able to gather an embrace the festive spirit this year, Hilton Kuching invites everyone to come together and create new memories as they embark on a culinary adventure this Ramadan.” Eugene adds.

Hilton Kuching’s Jelajah Selera Highlights

Among the dishes one should not miss for this years Ramadan buffet at Hilton Kuching is:

  • Oriental Lamb Stew
  • Grilled Wagyu Minute Steak
  • Roasted whole lamb served with Arabic Rice
  • Butter Prawns

As I mentioned above, there’s plenty more choices, but the five I’ve listed above were the ones I felt deserved the highlight.

Also, the buffet menus at Hilton Kuching’s Jelajah Selera will enjoy a daily rotation to give diners a fresh experience every time. (Meaning to say, you could go at different days and you would have different foods to tickle your taste buds!)

Booking Hilton Kuching’s Jelajah Selera

The festive buffet begins on 2 April – 3 May 2022 from 6.30pm – 10.00pm. It is prices from RM 98+ per person!

For more information, call +082 223 888, email KUCHI_fb@hilton or visit

Written by Joachim Then


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