KUALA LUMPUR – Anwar Ibrahim was acquitted of his sodomy charge, and is discharged without any conditions.  The news broke at about 9:25AM with those gathering for the ‘Free Anwar 901’ cheering at the Jalan Duta Court Complex. The judge said that the DNA evidence wasn’t substantial enough to back the prosecutors charge, and that the court was reluctant to convict solely based on Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan testimony .

The news broke into Twitter the second it was announced with many saying ‘reformasi’. There were also congratulatory tweets.  Leading the way is @Khalid_Ibrahim which says “Alhamdullilah! DS @anwaribrahim telah dibebaskan, reformasi!”. Another Tweep @FazallahPit said “Anwar dibebaskan. Saya ulang, Anwar dibebaskan! Reformasi!”

Some other Twitter users choose to remind friends not to fight with each other over the verdict, such as @ismaOng saying “Dah Anwar Ibrahim tak bersalah, jangan la sampai kita ni, yang tak dikenal oleh Anwar pun nak berbalah.”

Meanwhile, PDRM has also released a video on their YouTube Account.  The tweet from @PDRMsia says “LIVE FROM PDRM: Perhimpunan 901-6 Dikesan peserta perhimpunan membawa senjata berbahaya.http://fb.me/1kZKBrB3r”. The video shows a man carrying what seems to be like a sword. Check out the video below:

Checks on the Kuala Lumpur and Malaysian Twitter trending topics however didn’t show anything related to the verdict.