Helicopter crashed in Sarawak again


A helicopter with four people on board crashed into Sungai Tereso near Simunjan today with only one survivor reported so far.

According to the police, the private-owned chopper went down at about 9.20am near Batang Lupar rivermouth.

It’s German pilot, Rko Steger, 35, managed to get out from the crash and had to swim some four hours before being rescued by local fishermen. He was then taken to Kampung Tebeluk in Sebuyau.

Reports on social media were quoted as saying all four passengers survived the crash, but only one managed to swim in the strong river current.

A search and rescue team has been despatched to the area to find the three missing passengers believed to be engineers.

The helicopter was scheduled to land in Nanga Merit in Belaga District.

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