Harian Metro has issued a second apology to the Penan people in regards to their article entitled “Ibuku Isteriku, Bapaku Suamiku” which was publish on their Metro Ahad edition.

In a brief statement, the tabloid paper said they are sincerely seeking apology and admitted that it was their fault for publishing such an article without consulting leaders of the Penan people first.  They also admitted that some facts in the article are inaccurate and said they are withdrawing the article.

The article written by Hadzlan Haslan saw Sarawakians from numerous backgrounds condemning the article and the tabloid paper.

Following the uproar, Harian Metro issued an apology carried out in both it’s printed and online edition.

However, it did little to calm those concerned as they felt it was insincere and hence forcing the paper to issue this second apology.

The whole incident also drew a response from the Sarawak Chief Minister Pehin Sri Taib Mahmud whom rebuked the paper while he was quoted as saying “if there is nothing good to say about something, then it is best to keep quiet.”