Google will be coming up with a new Android version, or upgrade, named Android L, which continues the alphabet list from Android Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, and Kit Kat. We are not sure what the ‘L” would stand for but it is a totally different thing as it would feature a new interface, known as the ‘material design’. The slideshow below shows you a brief idea of what you good expect from the new design, but for us, it looks refreshing!

But there’s more about the Material design. Apparently Google will extend its use to not only be a familiar sight on Android L powered devices, but also across Chrome OS and the Google’s web properties.
Project Volta will improve battery life
Android L will also not be limited to your smartphone because Google is going massive on this new OS. According to the keynote, you can expect it to be on smartwatches through Android Wear, your television through Android TV and your car through Android Auto! The sky seems to be the limit. Android L would also have an improved battery life with better battery management under “Project Volta”.
Simpler unlocking with Android L
Another interesting part of Android L is the long awaited Kill Switch, which will finally debut officially in Android. Aside from that, simpler unlocking options would be made available to users.
More types of notification with Android L
Android L will also see notifications at places not custom to previous version of Android. According to the keynote, Android L will see notifications shown on the lock screen, with a new type of notification, dubbed heads-up notifications, displaying over the top of your apps.

Aside from that, Android L will be faster, and will take full advantage of 64-bit processors. It will also have better integration with you Chromebook and Chrome browser, and is slated to be a better version for enterprises.

While Android L is expected to be released at year end, Google has decided to release preview system images for the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 on June 26th (today) to enable developers and Android enthusiasts to give it a try. Nonetheless, if you are not an expert, we would advice you against flashing the image on your device or you’d end up bricking your phone.


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