Gong Xi Fa Chai To Everyone!


KUCHING – The coordinators of the Sarawak Bloggers community would like to wish everyone, particularly our bloggers, partners and friends a very prosperous and joyful new year.

Indeed the year of the rabbit was a good one for bloggers as networking, friendship and unity grew by strides with more opportunities and events happening for our member bloggers.

With those positive vibes well intact, Sarawak Bloggers will definitely look into making more things happen in the year of the Dragon as numerous ‘secret’ projects seem to be progressing very well at discussion level.   These projects are believed to benefit at least half of the members, and are set to give Sarawak Bloggers more exposure.

Nonetheless, the organizers of Kuching’s biggest social media event to date, Tweet-Up Kuching have already confirmed that there would be a second tweet-up coming this year, and that is definitely something worth to look forward to.

With that said, we again wish everyone Gong Xi Fa Chai, and hope that your blogs will continue to spur on.