Another strategic collaboration between Sarawak Bloggers and Hitz Kuching has materialized today with Sarawak Bloggers News Portal (www.sarawakbloggers.NeT) being one of the few exclusive avenues to gain clues for the Hitz Kuching Mystery Laugh competition.  Other avenues for the competition include the Hitz Cruisers, Hitz.FM Kuching (95.3FM) and The Borneo Post.

The competition is offering a huge RM20,000 for the sole person whom can guess the 6 different laughs played in a short six second snippet over Hitz Kuching.

Once the cue to call is announced by either Mmmeng or Natasha, one lucky caller will be allowed to guess who he thinks the laughs belong to, and shall he be right, earn  himself a chance to win up to RM50,000 cash!

With that said, Sarawak Bloggers will be releasing clues at the bottom of this page starting tomorrow (Monday), and so if you are keen in getting up to RM50,000 cash, do check our portal daily.

Good luck!


  • 13 Feb 2012: “It’s a dog”
  • 14 Feb 2012: “I’m here and I’m In Control”


Listen to Hitz Kuching for details on how you can catch the winner get his chance at RM50K!