If you are seeking easy cash, then read on.

Hitz Kuching is offering you 50 grand when you help them identify 6 mysterious laughters on air by 6 different artist.  The mechanism is simple: hear the laughs, wait for the cue to call, and guess who they belong too, and you stand a chance to win up to RM50,000!  It can’t be easier than that!

The contest is rightly named hitz.fm Kuching Fifty Thousand Ringgit Mystery Laughs, and you can get clues on who’s laughing by checking out Hitz Kuching Facebook page, in the Borneo Post or listening in to Hitz Kuching (Natasha & Mmmeng). If that’s not enough, chase Hitz Cruisers to get more additional clues!

For those interested to know more, check out www.hitz.fm/kuching for details.