Carlsberg Smooth Draught presents Gawai and Kaamatan special edition Carlsberg Smooth Draught can and bottle designs for the coming dual celebrations.

The six artistically designed special-edition cans and bottles this year to celebrate the pride of Sabah & Sarawak.

The eye-catching mural that perfectly wraps each product centres around bringing people together to appreciate and celebrate the bountiful art and culture of the stunning Borneo islands.

Sporting six unique icons in vibrant colours, the ‘Sabah & Sarawak Pride’ packaging sublimely accentuates the lush local nature and rich culture in an illustrative composition, showcasing a masterpiece of contemporary art and beer.

The creative artworks feature icons such as the Orangutan, majestic mountains and Rafflesia of Sabah and the Longhouse, Hornbill and Sape of Sarawak.

Aptly themed ‘Raikan Kebanggaan Sabah & Sarawak’, this campaign pays tribute and recognition to the beautiful culture of the natives, extraordinary wildlife, and amazing natural wonders.

Price and availability

Available in 320ml cans and 580ml bottles, these iconic Carlsberg Smooth Draught products are made exclusively for Carlsberg consumers in Sabah and Sarawak and will be introduced in three phases through island- wide consumer promotions.

The first two designs were revealed in March, followed by another two in conjunction with the coming Gawai and Kaamatan festivals and the final two to be unveiled towards the last quarter of the year.

RM90 worth of Carlsberg beers at participating bars and pubs in a single receipt.

There are also limited- edition t-shirts, which comes in two collectible designs, redeemable at local coffeeshops and food courts with any purchase of 12 big bottles of Carlsberg Danish Pilsner or Carlsberg Smooth Draught.

Customers who purchase any two 6-can pack of Carlsberg Danish Pilsner or Carlsberg Smooth Draught from super and hypermarkets can redeem RM5 GrabPay Credit or if beer lovers prefer purchasing a carton instead, they will then be able to redeem RM10 GrabPay Credit.

Buying any two cans of Carlsberg Danish Pilsner or Carlsberg Smooth Draught in participating convenience stores will also give customers a chance to be in the running to get up to RM88 GrabPay credit.

If you are not in Sabah or Sarawak but want to seek these special cans, you can try looking for them online at the stores below.


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