This few weeks has been all about Huawei’s latest offering, the Huawei Mate 9, but if you are not a person who follows technology, or particularly smartphone news that closely, the fuss all over the Mate 9 is a huge question mark.

Well, here’s the thing; with Samsung now re-calling every bit of their flagship ‘exploding smartphones’, and Apple being Apple, there’s a void in the smartphone arena which needs to be filled. The void used to be filled with Samsung, but like we said, they are busy recalling ‘exploding smartphones’, so people are staying away from them, for now.

And that’s when Huawei stepped in. – Yes, it was not Xiaomi, Asus, Lenovo or Oppo. It was Huawei and the reason was simply because they had good smartphone presence in the European and American market if compared to the rest of the China based brands.

Looking closer however, it goes beyond that with the Mate P9 exceeding everyone’s expectations when it was launched.

The Mate P9 has a nice 5.9 inch FHD display, and it is nicely framed in a unibody metal frame. A Kirin 960 processor and the Android 7.0 powers this beauty with the help of a 4000mAh battery, hence making the Mate 9 a workhorse perfect for heavy smartphone users.

But those are features any smartphone can copy, which comes us to the dual lens camera co-engineered with Leica which includes a 12MP/F2.2 RGB sensor and a 20MP/F2.2 monochrome sensor.

These lenses will allow you take better photos from your smartphone than before, and the fact that the Mate 9 comes with a speedy 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory, means that storing and sharing your photos would be not only fast, but easy.

If the Leica dual lens camera is not a crowd favourite, then try the competitive price tag of RM2,699 for the phone because when we checked, it is much cheaper than other brands having much less powerful specifications.


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