The game between Sarawak against Malaysia is indeed an anticipated clash as Sarawak have not met their national team since the 90’s, when the likes of Jeff Currens, David Evans and John Hunter were still highlights of Sarawakian football.  The local’s themselves weren’t that bad as Mazelan Wahid, Samsurin Abdul Rahman, Affendi Julaihi and Ali Safee were household names.  Those were indeed the good time, and it is still relatively fresh in the memories of many avid Sarawak fans.

Twelve years later, Sarawak again face Malaysia in a friendly clash but the main goal is now to find a poacher whom can solve Sarawak’s striking problems up-front.

K. Rajagopal himself admitted that this game would be his chance to evaluate players as he tries to gel together an even better side for Malaysia before they defend the AFF Cup.  His eyes are also said to be fixed on Azizan Baba and Ashri Chuchu whom will be playing for Sarawak.

The game is expected to have a high number of substitutes, but Sarawak fans can be assured that the Crocs will try their best to win the game.  There is also a huge possibility for Robert Alberst to feature new triallist Joel Epalle with Zamri Morshidi as he looks into forging a permanent partnership which will solve the low scoring rate of the Crocs.  Rumours have also surfaced that this game will be the ‘Sayonara match’ for both Kalle Sone and Vedran Muratovic whom are exiting the Crocs.

Regardless of that, the game is expected to be thrilling with both sides looking to impress.  Sarawak however does have advantage as they are playing at home, and it is highly expected that there will be more red shirts in the stands than blue or yellow.

The game starts at 8:15, and tickets are available at RM10, RM15 and RM50.