ASTRO has announced it will opening up free channels for its customers as Malaysia starts the Movement Control Order (MCO) to curb the Covid-19 virus.

Effective 06:00AM Wednesday, 18 March, all Astro customers can enjoy complimentary viewing of all movie channels on Astro and Astro GO.

They include HBO, FOX Movies, Celestial Movies, tvN Movies, BollyOne and more. Movie fans can enjoy the new season of “Westworld” on HBO, blockbuster movies such as “Avengers: End Game” on Fox Movies, “Parasite” on tvN Movies and many more.

List of Movie Channels available to all customers include:

  • BOO
  • HBO
  • Cinemax
  • FOX Movies
  • FOX Family Movies
  • FOX Action Movies
  • tvN Movies
  • Celestial Movies
  • Astro Citra
  • Tayangan Hebat
  • Thangathirai
  • BollyOne
  • HITS Movies
  • Celestial Classic Movies

ASTRO customers can also stream shows with Astro GO, while NJOI customers will also get free access to two additional channels, KIX and Nat Geo WILD.

The complimentary viewing ends 11:59PM on Tuesday, 31 March 2020.



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