The Borneo Jazz Festival is this weekend, and you could be the lucky two (2) selected to cover (and of course enjoy) the whole event as a media!!

It’s not a report that we want, but your personal experience during the whole Jazz festival, and so you are free to sway away to the music and enjoy every bit of the whole two day event at your pace for absolutely free!

Those interested to be part of the Sarawak Bloggers team covering the Borneo Jazz festival are invited to fill in the form below before 9 May 2012 (9PM).  We know it’s a bit last minute, but it’s really out of our hands.


Selection of the lucky two will be based on the following:

  1. Blog is updated well.
  2. Blog has the Sarawak Bloggers logo (obtain it here)
  3. Will be free during the whole Borneo Jazz Festival this weekend (11-12 May 2012)
  4. Will be willing to update and write at least 3 blog post on their experience during the whole Borneo Jazz Festival.
  5. Blogs can be in any language. We welcome those blogging in Bahasa Melayu Sarawak as well as other dialects.

What you can expect to get:

  1. You will be highlighted by our news portal www.SarawakBloggers.Net
  2. Your blog (if your entry is worth it) might be picked up by the Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) to be featured in their Borneo Jazz fest (that’s thousands of visitors just waiting to read about what you had to say!)
  3. Media privileges and passes during the whole Borneo Jazz 2012
  4. Free entry into the event venue as well as events related to Borneo Jazz 2012
  5. Getting to know the awesome people behind the jazz fest
  6. You can get up-close and personal with the performers!
  7. So much more!!

Please note that accommodation and transport to the venue will not be provided, so if you are not from Miri, you may want to take care of those first before filling in the form.

A Sarawak Bloggers representative will be in touch with you by tonight shall you and your blog be selected. An announcement will also be made via twitter, facebook and  Please check your email frequently.

Places are strictly limited and Sarawak Bloggers reserves the right to deny your application if there are better quality bloggers applying.

Check out last year’s coverage here!


  1. Will be free during the whole Borneo Jazz Festival this weekend (11-12 May 2012) – does this mean if one is free for only 1 of the 2 days then one is not eligible? =(

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