The recent interest in Sarawak football has seen fraudsters taking advantage by producing imitation version of the Sarawak home game tickets.

The price of the imitation tickets are said to be equal to the original as many fans are unable to tell the difference between the original match tickets and the imitation ones.

Football Association of Sarawak (FAS) has since decided to stamp all tickets produced, with sales only made available at Lea Sport Centre and the Sarawak State Stadium gates prior to the game.

The move will indeed sparked much inconveniences for fans whom live far from the nearest ticketing outlets, with some already complaining about the journey they have to make to Lea Sports Centre to get the tickets.

It was also revealed that some parties are making huge profits by selling counterfeit Sarawak jerseys via social networks such as Facebook and blogs. The jerseys which go as low as RM35 feature similar pattern to the original, with exception of the embroidered Sarawak FA and LSC logo found on the original replica.

The original replica jerseys produced by Lea Sports Centre comes at RM49.90, while the limited edition original jerseys coming at RM129.90.

Lea Sports Centre will be setting up a mini stall at the stadium gates today (Tuesday) to sell the original replica jerseys which are made of better quality, in light of the availability of the counterfeit jerseys.

Sarawak jerseys have been selling like hot cake with the official supplier Lea Sports Centre having problems coping with demand. It is reported that stocks run out fast the minute it is made available.

It is however hoped that football fans get the original replica or the original jerseys to help boost the finances of the Sarawak football team, and also get their game tickets from the official distributors.