KUCHING – The citizens of Kuching are showing their ‘soft side’ as they lay down flowers and offer their prayers for Herman Sinas and Kho Ying Qi at the location they were washed away by flood waters.  On Facebook, many had also expressed their sadness and grief over the death of Herman, which is now regarded as a local hero.  The Star Sarawak also came up with an article entitled “Herman Sihas: Hero to the end“.

In the incident last Thursday morning, the late Herman jumped into raging flood waters to help save Kho who had slipped.  Unfortunately for Herman, he didn’t know how to swim and failed to overcome the strong currents resulting in him being swept away as well.

The body of Herman Sinas, a Bidayuh Salako from Lundu was found yesterday about 3 km from the tragedy site. The search and rescue teams are however still looking for Kho Ying Qi, who is feared to have also drowned. Photo credited to BERNAMA.