Customer reviews are the modern word-of-mouth advertisement that has a huge impact on your business. They give a chance to potential customers to see if you really deliver what you advertise. It also gives businesses a chance to know how they can improve and deliver their services and increase customer satisfaction.

Not focusing on online reviews can harm your business in the long run. Your online reviews will be the first thing that a customer will see when they Google about you. A negative review or very few reviews will make them doubt your services. Customer reviews are important to customers as well as your business.

Here are five ways to increase customer reviews:

1. Ask

The simplest way to increase customer reviews is to simply ask for a review. Most customers don’t have the knowledge of where and how to leave a review. By asking them, you make it simpler for them. Most businesses don’t even ask for a review resulting in a very few reviews which set a wrong impact on other people. Email your customer after they have used your services to review their experience. You can also set a different platform where they can review like Yelp, Facebook, and Google etc. This makes it easier to review your services when they visit these websites. You can also ask for reviews when they visit your website. You would be surprised at how many people will leave a review. Even a simple star rating can do wonders for your business.

2. Incentives

This is one of the strategies to generate more reviews. This can be used for business where most people do not easily leave a review. People usually don’t think writing reviews is a good use of time. Providing an incentive would tempt them to give a review. A coupon, discount code, gift card or even donations to a good cause; all these will make people happier to leave a review on your page. These incentives should not be conditioned over positive reviews only. The reviews should be honest and provide a good reflection of a customer experience. Negative reviews can be turned into positive ones if dealt with care. This would increase your customer base and a few negative reviews in a pool of positive ones won’t hamper your business.

3. The Right Moment

There is always a right moment for everything, even asking for reviews. Asking for reviews when a customer is dissatisfied with your service, even if you solve the problem, would add a negative review to your site. Ask for reviews when a person is satisfied with your service. Or when they re-order from you or when they’re browsing your website. This increases the chance of a positive and satisfied review. Sending an email to review right after they have used your services would also increase your reviews. People tend to review right after they experience a service, rather than a week after. This also gives them a personal touch of your brand.

4. Make It Easy

Most customers do not like reviewing pages or services that take up a lot of their time or ask a lot of question. Make sure your review questions are simple, easy and to the point. When sending out an email asking for reviews make sure they can be redirected towards the review page with a single click. Don’t send Google links to people who are not on Gmail or Facebook links to people who don’t use Facebook. Nobody would go through extra clicks and pages to review a single product. You can also link your email signature to the review page. Asking for reviews at events and on social media platform also helps you gain reviews.

5. Responding

Negative reviews are bad for your business but a negative review that has not been responded is lethal for your business. Not responding to a negative review will make the customer feel like you do not care. This would also leave a bad impression on other potential customers when they see unsatisfied customers who were not dealt with. Replying to a negative review would encourage your customer to put out more reviews. Responding in the right manner and being quick to resolve the problem would also make your customer satisfied. They would choose your service again. It also makes them feel like you genuinely care about your customers and would leave a lasting impression on them.

Reviews from your customer help you grow and expand your business according to the needs of the customer. This new age referral system is a great way to boost your reputation, increase sales and give your loyal customers.


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